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The Story starts here,

Long before me the company called ISLAM PRINT was started by Abdul Islam my grandfather, he pioneered this company in Faisalabad local city of Pakistan as a printing factory and started his journey with 2 employees and held on with them for 3 decade. As pioneer he shared much to the city with less or nothing in return. That’s why among others those 2 employees which become more of a friend kept on working in this company for 3 decade and today among these three friends one is alive to see what has become to this new company. And still today company kept on supporting him for his services.

Our approach.

The WLT-White Line Textile Ltd was started 3 years after Abdul Islam death in 2016 by Myself Ali Raza. I tried to put as much as possible as my grandfather tired so that’s why I started export business out of the same line.
As we were manufacturing printed cotton bags and fabrics which we kept on doing but now with extra new machines and material we started to export the products to all over the countries for better understanding of the company products and for the value of our customer satisfaction as well, the same way my grandfather shared values and now we are sharing this to the world.

Today ALHAMDULILLAH adding some new items as well, we are delivering Cotton bags for Shopping and Packing, Bath & Kitchen Towels, Leather Goods and Hospital Items to different countries.
We have successfully meet the course by providing cotton bags to many stores which they use for packing and shopping and making world eco-friendly on the go as well.
Our kitchen and bath towels are also making our customers kept on ordering in a loop of chain. And online stores and shops can show around and sell their leather goods more proudly. Industrial needs are meet as we move forward with our new plans and achievements.
And now we hope to meet you in our new plans and meeting for the betterment of the world and for our business.

cotton linen fabric bags, leather, towels white line textile

We are proudly Pakistani.

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