Every Size Colored Bags

These Bags works for us as a life saver. We use these bags in our daily life for many purposes, These Bags are for to color your Parties, Ceremonies etc.

It has strings for a closures for perfectly use.

We can make muslin bags in any color print or whatever additions you want us to make on them. The bags can also be single drawstring or double drawstring. Please contact for more information.

  • Power loom, Sulzer loom, Auto loom, Sulzer loom, Airjet loom.
  • Designs can be.
  • Dobby, Jacquard, Plain, Terry and waffle etc.
  • We made Sizes and Quantity on orders.
  • We provide Dyed, Printed, Bleached or Special treatment to Fabric as per the order.
  • Usually it have many sizes.