Bath Towels

Every exclusive spas and upscale hotels uses these high Quality Bath Towels for the Comfort of their Customers, So we put a bit extra for everyone to be able to use these high Quality Towels in their homes, work-places and at there holiday experiences, etc. It lefts the softness behind and dry off your Hands, Face, Hair more comfortably. We provide comfort and luxurious to your Home.

These Bath Towels has different size, quality, designs, like these Towels made in.

  • Dobby, Jacquard, Plain, Terry, waffle, etc.
  • On it can weaved, Printed, Dye, Colored etc.
  • And GSM is up to 450 to 650.
  • Sizes are.
  • 60*130 cm
  • 68*137 cm
  • 70*140 cm
  • 75*150 cm
  • Or custom.