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Cotton Gloves


Cotton Gloves

Cotton Gloves – Most of the time, the environment is to blame when hands are dry. For example, the weather could be a cause of chapped fingertips. Dry skin on the hands can be caused by many things, like washing your hands often, being around chemicals, or even some medical conditions. There are many ways to treat dry skin, which is good news. Find out what causes dry skin, what you can do to stop it, and how you can treat it. Cotton Gloves are perfect for people with small to medium-sized hands.

Spun from 100 percent cotton Machines that knit Slim and are not too heavy Inexpensive Wristbands The string could be any colour. The palm and fingers have been coated with latex to make them easier to grip, last longer, and be more resistant to wear and water. 100% Cotton White and Black Gloves could be very helpful for things like building, inspecting, picking up trash, gardening, refrigeration, maintenance, shipping, and receiving. We are very honor to introduce these new Gloves for many areas of work use, These gloves are soft and beautiful for your hands to work smoothly.

Cotton Gloves Features:

  • Sulzer loom, Auto loom.
  • Its Designs are Plain.
  • Fabric used: 100% cotton, PC, CVC, Cotton, etc.
  • We made Sizes and Quantities on orders.
  • We provide Dyed, Printed, Bleached, or Special treatment to Fabric as per the order.
  • Usually, sizes are.
  • Child Sizes
  • Women Sizes
  • Men Sizes

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