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Eco-Friendly Cotton Bags

eci friendly grocery cotton bags for home use and shopping white line textile

Eco-Friendly Cotton Bags

These eco-friendly cotton bags are made of 100% cotton which is reusable and does not affect the environment, These bags are entering the market by storm and taking over all the plastic bags as awareness is bombing in people. so a large portion of the customers is now expecting to use these eco-friendly bags for the betterment of the environment and for healthy planate. which lead the industry of using these bags for packing and shopping and carrying their products.

These organic eco-friendly cotton bags contain different sizes, Qualities, like their quality made in.

  • Power loom, Sulzer loom, Auto loom.
  • Qualities are PC, COTTON, ORGANIC COTTON, CVC, etc.
  • We made Sizes and Quantities on orders.
  • We provide Dyed, Printed, Bleached, or Special treatment to Fabric as per the order.
  • TC 100 to TC 200
  • Or custom.

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