Gizzard Tote Bags

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These bags are eco-friendly bags made up of organic and recycled material to help our environment. They are most helpful for housework.
We provide these bags with or without company LOGO, name, tags or just as simple. Different coloured strips could be used as per requested.

We have these Canvas Gizzard Tote bags used in our daily lives.

  • Fabric used: 100% cotton, PC, CVC, Cotton, etc.
  • Printed, Dyed, Soap Wash, Special Treatment, etc.
  • GSM: 200 to 500, 8 OZ to 23 OZ.
  • Construction: TC 200 to TC 400
  • Sizes are available of any size. Like
  • 14x18x4,
  • 15x20x4,
  • 16x20x5,
  • 18x18x6,
  • 20x20x8, etc.
  • or custome.
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