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CANVAS BAGS Gold File Print Bags

Gold File Print Bags

Golden print, file print cotton bags, white line textile

Gold File Print Bags

Gold file print bags are our best quality bags with special treatment produced as per customization, designs, pockets. These bags could be manufactured in any size that you require from us. Any design you want from us to  Gold File print on it, in special treat fabrics that you order us to manufactured, we will.

We have these bags with different looks that can be used for your company’s design’s print.

  • The fabric used: 100% cotton, PC, CVC, Organic Cotton, etc.
  • Printed, Dyed, Soap Wash, Special Treatment, etc.
  • Fabric GSM: 200 to 500
  • Construction: TC 100 to TC 250
  • Sizes are available of any size. Like
  • 10X15X5
  • 15X24X6
  • 16X25+6+6
  • Etc.

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