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Glass Cloth Kitchen linen

Kitchen Glass Cleaning Cloths

Kitchen Glass Cleaning Cloths 100 cotton white line textile

Kitchen Glass Cleaning Cloths

These cotton kitchen cleaning cloths provide extra help for professional use and for the easiest way to clean glasses in bars, restaurants, and cafes, which makes the job easy, It 100% cotton absurds all the water from the glass and leaves glasses spotless and clean like never used before.

They contain different sizes, Qualities, like their quality made in.

  • Power loom, Sulzer loom, Auto loom, Sulzer loom.
  • Designs can be.
  • Quilted, Dobby, Jacquard, Plain, etc.
  • We made Sizes and Quantities on orders.
  • We provide Dyed, Printed, Bleached, or Special treatment to Fabric as per the order.
  • Usually, sizes are.
  • 8*8”
  • 10*10”
  • 12*12”
  • Or custom.

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