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Bath Sheet

bath sheets, sheet towels, soft cotton towel sheet, grey, white line textile

Bath Sheet

These Bath sheets provides the soft comfort after a long Bath. These Towel sheets are over sized for your body to dry comfortably quickly, and it give your body a luxurious experience in your home. Now experience luxurious Towels around your Waist daily.

These towels are processed with tumble dry, hydrogen bleach and mercerizing for better quality and dryness.

They towels have different styles, sizes, and designs as the requirements or your firm or company and we make them accordingly. Like it is made in dobby designs can be white dyed or colorful dyed or embroidery. and same with jacquard design with white dyed or colorful dyed designs. And we also provide them in simple plain which are widely used in the world, and easy to get. It comes in 400 to 700 GSM with high and medium quality make. And some the sizes that we use and can be found easily in the market.

These Bath Sheets has different size, quality, designs, like these sheets made in.

  • Sizes are.
  • 80*150 cm
  • 90*180 cm
  • 100*200 cm
  • Or custom.

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