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Women Cowhide Leather Bags

dark cowhide leather bags for women, shoulder leather bags, white line textile

Women Cowhide Leather Bags

Women Cowhide Leather Bags with a flap and a strap that can be taken off. This is made from cowhide tanned with plants, and the leather is worked by hand by Italian craftspeople over a short distance of about 30 kilometres. The brass clasp on the shoulder strap lets you change the length of the strap. Furthermore, Use the strap or the snap button to close the flap. Inside, there is a double compartment and a small open pocket. Also, The inside needs to be lined. The cowhide has been Il Bisonte’s primary material since the beginning. It’s a high-quality leather tanned in a way that’s been done for centuries in Tuscany. Original cowhide leather women bags looks nice and lasts a long time, and it stands out by being very soft and smelling good, as well as getting a beautiful golden patina with the use.

Women Cowhide Leather Bags Features:

  • The perfect little bag to wear across your body. You can be sure that the leather is made from natural cowhide. Fabrics can have pictures printed on them. Included is a silver five-key chain purse light that can be used to see what’s in a bag, open a door in the dark, or light up a restaurant table.
  • Each one is different because it is made by hand from genuine leather. Studs, whipstitching, and hair are put on leather or suede to make it look nice. Each handbag is different because it is made by hand from genuine leather. Moreover, Please remember that HAIR COLOR VARIATIONS IN HANDBAGS are natural and not something we can control. Every single one will be different.
  • The drop of the leather crossbody strap is 24,” and there is a zippered, lit pocket on the back. There are several card slots and a key ring inside the bag. Also, One is in the front, and the other is in the back.
  • Excellent sewing and hardware. The product is guaranteed free of manufacturing flaws for 90 days after buying.

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